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Diamond for Enterprise

Enterprise Search

Equip your organization with Diamond’s native search client to decrease time spent hunting, and increase time spent doing. Diamond delivers the most relevant results, selected using past search behavior, so team members find what they need when they need it. Do more with Diamond.

Capitalize on Institutional Knowledge

Teams in large organizations don’t always share the same terminology or processes. They’ve grown up together, but they’ve also each developed their own way of doing things. This can become a challenge when teams have to work together, or a team has to access information from across the organization. By unifying disparate information through a single search function, Diamond makes information more accessible, empowering teams to build on existing institutional knowledge and avoiding redundant work

Collaborate with Diamond

Streamline Sales

Use Diamond to deliver the key data and prospect information sales teams need to get deals done. For marketing and business intelligence, know your customer better by letting Diamond gather information, recognize patterns, and classify users.


Fast Rope labs

“Diamond saves my team time. It searches through documents, proposals, and millions of files. From marketing to app development, Diamond keeps us organized and on track of projects in a timely manner.”

—Stephan Kae, Head of Growth & Marketing

Long Design

“Diamond is fast, convenient, clean. I use it for work and personal to search through files and Gsuites.”

—Jennifer Long, Marketing and Design Consultant