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Setup an entire backend system for your online business in a few clicks.

Building a robust backend system requires hours of engineering to tie the database, the API server, and the front-end together. This is costly, slow, and tedious work. Diamond lets you do this with just a few clicks. Ship out faster, smarter, and easier.

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Fully cloud based solution
Highly performant & reliable
Grows with your business
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Setup your backend fast
Avoid repetitive engineering
Integrate with existing data
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Clean and modern admin
Intuitive design
For everyone on the team

Diamond is your database

A powerful database layered with a GraphQL engine that removes your need to a seperate server or cluster.
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Cloud based database
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Automatic scaling
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Highly performant
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GraphQL model definition
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Exportable data

Diamond is your API

Every piece of data in Diamond is accessible through a REST API that's auto-generated based on your model definitions.

Coupled with GraphQL for querying, you get a highly performant API server right out of the box.

Diamond is your admin dashboard

Browse all your data with our spreadsheet-like interface. Create and save powerful "Views" that are generated by complex queries to accelerate internal processes, as well as automatically generate new API endpoints.

Diamond is all you need.

At the core of every modern business is data. Diamond is the architect gluing it all together for you. From your DB model definitions, to your data points, to your server handlers.

Ready to go
Just define your models and you are ready to launch.
Once your models are defined, Diamond automatically takes care of the rest.
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Fast and scalable
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Clean and modern
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Easy to use
Easy customization
With the Admin dashboard, quickly edit any structure, and see the changes automatically reflect in the API endpoints, as well as the browsing table views.
Fast loading speed
Lightning-fast and ultra-reliable. Diamond is built to perform and deliver.
Professional admin
Our built-in adminstration tool was built for the technical engineer, but can also easily be picked up by a less technical colleague.
Diamond integrates seamlessly with your existing database so that you don't have to move data around.
Top security
Security and reliability are at the core of Diamond. We take care to provide a secure environment for your data.
Get running fast
Just connect your exisiting database, or use the built-in DiamondDB to get started. Map your models, and you're ready to go.
Built-in authentication
Diamond comes with a built-in user model that serves as the foundation of your user management and authentication.

Diamond ties the knot.

Database, check.
API, check.
Internal admin, check.
All set, ready for the front-end.